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Global Recognition: This project has garnered numerous prestigious awards, including the A' Design Award, Muse Design Award, and GDUSA Award. These accolades recognize its outstanding design and creative excellence, establishing its reputation as a global leader in the field.


Shannan is the birthplace of Tibetan civilization. In Tibet, the visual design symbolizes the harmonious combination of heaven, earth, and man. The overall shape of the logo is inspired by the Himalayas and the Mani stone, while the colors that symbolize Shannan are derived from local attractions, culture, and colors. The logo incorporates a youthful and energizing visual aspect that contrasts with the brand’s deep cultural connotation, boosts the logo’s memorability, and represents a city that embraces all things.

The logo design incorporates local attractions, culture, and colors. The logo's overall shape is drawn from the Himalayas and Mani stone, and the colors representing Shannan are drawn from nature, architecture, and the Fengma flags. Inspired by Thangka paintings, he created illustration elements belonging to Shannan, reflecting the perfect integration of "heaven, earth, and man” in Tibet. The logo adopts bright colors and a youthful and energetic visual form, which contrasts with the rich cultural connotation, enhances the memory of the logo, and reflects that Shannan is a city that embraces all things.

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