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"All Roads to Pearla" is a gripping crime thriller drama film released in 2019, written and directed by Van Ditthavong. It portrays the story of Pearla (Addison Timlin), a young girl longing to break free from her toxic family and impoverished life in a small Texas town. Ms. Liu's design for the film's poster brilliantly captures the complex relationship between Pearla and her love interest, Brandon, using contrasting elements of space, light, and darkness.

The poster's ingenious combination of reality and illusion, complemented by her adept use of colors and typography, not only results in a visually captivating poster but also effectively positions the film in the market. The design evokes feelings of fear, tension, and mystery, instantly capturing the viewer's attention and masterfully conveying the film's underlying themes and emotions. This exemplary work stands as a testament to Ms. Liu's remarkable ability to elevate the role of design in the film industry, enhancing the overall artistic experience for viewers.

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