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The objective of this project is to select an artist, create a logo and poster design for their exhibition, and design a book that showcases the artist's work. The chosen artist is Mu Boyan, a highly talented Chinese sculptor, and the exhibition will be held at Lacma.

Mu Boyan's art is characterized by its humor, boldness, and realistic nature, and it is important for my work to reflect these aspects of his artistic concept. He aims to convey the stories of life by transforming flesh into a language, paying meticulous attention to intricate details. To align with the concept of the exhibition, it is essential to select a suitable museum, considering the color scheme and layout that best capture the essence of Mu Boyan's work.

For the logo, an organic shape is chosen to represent the human sculptures created by the artist. The poster design utilizes colors and layout elements that reflect the theme of the exhibition. In designing the book, the color palette is derived from Mu Boyan's artwork, while the composition employs a simple layout with prominently displayed large pictures to create a strong visual contrast.

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