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2022 WINNER - 59th GDUSA Design Awards

The objective of this project is to propose a topic, identify its relevant audience and stakes, and then develop, create, and implement visually captivating elements across multiple media platforms that seamlessly integrate into a cohesive system.

The concept of this project is to provide healthcare services for individuals with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and their loved ones. The core of the design concept is to create a healthcare institution focused on addressing secondary PTSD, named "Healing House," by implementing visually captivating elements across various media platforms to establish a cohesive system.

Brand identity

This project specifically targets the often-overlooked family members, partners, and friends of PTSD sufferers, who are in need of additional support. Consequently, the design concept concentrates on this demographic, offering them healthcare services tailored to their needs. The project involved creating and implementing attention-grabbing visual elements across multiple media channels to establish a cohesive system. The overall visual tone is a calming, pale blue, which evokes a sense of tranquility, comfort, and serenity.


The logo features an upward-climbing ladder, emphasizing keywords such as "hope," "support," and "sympathy." This design aligns with the purpose of the Healing House, demonstrating care and support for patients and their families. To attract attention and create a more satisfying user experience, the project incorporates illustrations as part of its visual elements. The use of illustrations is an effective way to convey ideas and emotions visually, as well as to capture the audience's attention. The illustrations are designed to be peaceful and comforting, in harmony with the overall design concept's visual elements.

Healing House Poster


Healing House Diary

The goal of the Healing House Diary is to offer a therapeutic tool specifically tailored to individuals living with PTSD, providing them with a means to express and document their personal healing journeys. Through the use of calming visuals and illustrations, the diary aims to create a sense of comfort and satisfaction, enabling users to find solace, resilience, and hope within its pages.


Healing House Online service

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